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Blade 100L v8

Blade 100L v8

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Crafted with a dynamic, color-shifting metallic paint, Blade makes a statement with innovative design and elevated performance. The most popular frame on the Pro Tour features FORTYFIVE technology, increasing both flexibility and stability to produce an even more connected-to-the-ball feel for modern, vertical swings commonly used by advanced players.

Emanating dynamic vibes thanks to bold, color-shifting paint, the Blade 100L v8 loads the technological innovations of the Blade v8 lineup into a lighter, more maneuverable frame. Two innovations define the evolution of this frame: FORTYFIVE supplies increased flexibility and stability through a patent-protected carbon construction, while DirectConnect connects the carbon fiber handle to the end cap for enhanced feel and torsional stability.

Avid fans of the Blade franchise looking for a slightly arm-friendlier option will appreciate the lightweight, connected-to-the-ball feel this frame delivers.


  • Unstrung weight: 285 g
  • Unstrung balance: 33 cm
  • Head: 645 sq cm
  • String pattern: 16x19
  • Length: 68.58 cm


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