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Shift Super Tour 9 Pack

Shift Super Tour 9 Pack

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Elevate your tennis game and make a statement on the court with the Wilson Shift Super Tour 9 Pack that perfectly complements the new Wilson Shift tennis racquet. With its ample storage, thermo-regulated protection, and versatile carrying options, order now and be prepared for your next match in style and confidence.

Main characteristics:
  • With two spacious main compartments, this bag offers enough room to accommodate up to nine tennis racquets. Each of these compartments are thermo-regulated to shield from extreme temperatures and preserve racquet tension;
  • Large exterior pockets that are perfect for stashing extra gear such as tennis balls, wristbands, grips, dampeners, and other essentials;
  • Dual carrying system, including an adjustable shoulder carrying strap and padded backpack straps.


100% Polyester


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